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What is Wilma?

Wilma is the web interface for the student administration program Primus.

This Wilma license is owned by Business College Oy, Helsinki.

Wilma makes it possible for students to register in courses, check their grades, read announcements and communicate with teachers.

Teachers can grade students, register absences and update personal information. Teachers can also communicate with students and guardians.

Guardians can see and resolve absences, communicate with teachers, and read announcements.

To access Wilma, type your username and password in the fields on the right side of the page and then click Log in.

Student, did you forget your username or password?

Contact the student affairs office. Students cannot change their password through Wilma.


If you do not yet have a Wilma account, you can create one with your keycode

did you forget your password?
If the school has your e-mail address, you can order new password.
If you have some other problems with your login, please contact the the student affairs office: studentaffairs@businesscollege.fi.

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